Our group was formed for people and their dogs to enjoy working, playing  and socialising in a safe environment. The group encourages people to have fun, with their Newfie's, doing things they love best, swimming, carting and going for walks . It is also an opportunity for newcomers to the breed to learn more about Newfie’s in general, advice on grooming, behaviour, nutrition or something as simple as where to get Newfie sized collars.

Within our group, we have members who have a vast experience in the breed and years of ownership, 60 years combined in carting and water work training. We encourage our members to get involved with working not only their dogs, but with other members and their dogs too, this gives people whose dogs may not be keen or just learning, the chance  to see and feel what it's like to work a dog, who may be more experienced than their own, which in turn gives them confidence and experience.

As a  group we also get involved with Country fairs and charity events, showing the public how our breed loves to pull carts and swim. We also give people the chance to ask many questions and have a Newfie cuddle and more often than not the experience of feeling just how sticky their slobber really  is.

All the members of M.E.N, hope everyone owned by this breed have as much fun with their buddies as we do with ours. For those of you who maybe thinking of sharing your life with a Newfie. Please do make sure you have twice as much time and money than you think you need and if you are house proud forget it a 12 stone dog, water, mud, slobber and hair will be you biggest nightmare and not all of them are docile & lazy, take a look at them by the lake!!!  If you still think this is the breed for you, once you have lived with one be warned their addictive.